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Walking Trails

Depending on your level of fitness there is a walking track to suit you.  If you are more like us, who like to wander more than hike, you can’t go past Daylesford Lake – of course you can reward yourself with brunch or afternoon tea afterwards!

If you are more after a hike, there are heaps of tracks around Hepburn and Daylesford:

  • Sailors Falls
  • The Glenlyon Biolink Walking Trail
  • Hepburn Regional Park, which includes:
    • Tipperary Springs to Bryce Flat
    • Mt Franklin Circuit walk
    • Goldfields Track – Great Dividing Trail

or treat yourself to one of Alice’s Journeys Walking Tours

Get out and about to discover the living museum of Daylesford on foot. It’s gentle walking, visiting the exterior and when available the interiors of some of the key historical sites around the town including the Daylesford Town Hall, Court House, Police Lockup and the Christian Church precinct. Your independent local guide will reveal secrets and share stories. You’ll leave with a “massage of the mind” knowing more about the region’s pre-colonial, colonial and even prehistoric past, and the characters who influenced and shaped its history / herstory.  Customised tours are also available for Daylesford and Hepburn Springs.

Click here for website and booking information Alice’s Journeys Walking Tours

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